About 4C

The world is your playground
4C helps you align international strategy and corporate culture

Your international corporation can become more effective and profitable in these times of globalisation. You have your global strategy in place. But... ultimately your people have to make it happen. Your customers will judge you by your actions. It is a difficult game. 4C can help you setting the right priorities. Hit your employees' and customers' right buttons - and avoid cultural clash. Create value with your strategy. Take advantage of our international expertise in combination with the international culture database. This feeds our unique analysis tools that will help your multinational teams become outstanding.

We are a research-based consultancy. So we use scientific methods that give you insight in where your company stands in terms of strategy and culture. Our Risk Analysis Matrix tells you where to change strategy or culture and in which direction. This saves you from friction costs due to cultural clash. It enables you to focus on the paths with the highest success expectations. Our scope is global, but because of Internet technology, an international network and swift consulting methods our delivery time can be a matter of days instead of weeks.

4C can help you with

  • Aligning global strategy and international organizational culture
  • Making corporate and local leadership more effective 
  • Creating a sense of unity in multinational teams
  • Strategy implementation in local branches and markets
  • Opening new markets and reduce culture gap
  • Increasing customer satisfaction across borders
  • Taking advantage of cultural diversity
  • Repositioning your brand worldwide
  • Creating shared service centres per continent
  • Training of global key account teams
  • Off-shoring and outsourcing to other countries
  • Forging international strategic alliances
  • Post merger integration
  • Cultural due diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Improving international HR strategy
  • Creating a transnational mindset

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